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Water Treatment Tarpaulins

Our Water Treatment Tarpaulins are designed for use within demanding environments, with highly durable and flexible PVC built to last.
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Our Aquaculture Range

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Our Aquaculture Range

Cunninghams Water Treatment Tarpaulins for Fish Farms at Ocean Farm in Co. Donegal

Water Treatment Tarpaulins for Treating Amoebic Gill Disease

Cunninghams Water Treatment Tarpaulins are used within Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) for applications such as water & waste filtration, treatment process and containment and protection of fish. They are used to aid the treatment of various species of fish exposed to the threat of Amoebic Gill Disease (AGD). This disease is a major concern within the fish farming industry and regular monitoring and treatment is required to manage AGD outbreaks.

As our treatment tarpaulins are contained and secured within the pens, it allows an added precaution method particularly in adverse weather conditions. This allows farmers to carry out their treatments any time without the need to rely on third party companies for use of well-boats. It can save farmers huge expenses from losing fish unnecessarily.


All joins are reinforced with heavy duty straps for added security. The treatment tarpaulins are placed directly into the fish farm pen and submerged under water. This allows for freshwater treatment process to be carried out within the fish farming pens, lessening the disruption to fish environments.

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Well Boats vs Water Treatment Tarpaulins

The process of transporting well-boats to fish farm sites for treating fish is a process which has been used for years, however the need for more sustainable and efficient methods is now being pioneered. Here are some advantages of using Water Treatment Tarpaulins versus well-boats.

Reduce Mortality Rate Fish Icon

Reduces Mortality Rates

As the treatment tarpaulin is secured within the pens, the ability to treat at any time and against adverse weather conditions is a massive advantage. Well-boats cannot be deployed to sea in harsh conditions, therefore delaying the treatment process and increasing the risk of fish mortalities. The priority of well-boats usage is given to larger fish farms, leaving smaller farms at an even larger disadvantage.
Flexibility & Versatility Fish Farm Pen Icon

Flexibility & Versatility

Manufactured for any size & shape to suit all fish pens and cages. Suitable for small & large fish farms, lakes, ponds and temporary setup locations. The flexible PVC material allows it to be ‘dropped’ from within the pen when needed, usually required if oxygen depletion occurs, allowing fish to continue swimming in the netted pen. We can supply these treatment tarps with an inflatable top edge for extra control and safety.
Cost Effective Money Icon

Cost Effective

The use of well-boats is a very expensive for fish farmers, especially smaller farms which have less sea-mass and harvests. The initial investment and operational costs associated for larger farms with millions of fish can cost hundreds of thousands.
Environmentally Friendly Icon

Environmentally Friendly

Utilisation of well-boats in terms of fuel consumption will have an environmental impact. Eliminating the need for well-boats to treat on site will undoubtedly cause less pollution. In addition, our treatment tarpaulins can be used for years without the need for replacements.
Easy Installation Icon

East Installation & Maintenance

Simply lower the tarp into the pen and suspend it from the cage infrastructure. Our bespoke nature allows us also to repair any treatment tarps which can take a matter of days, therefore not effecting treatment times.
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We understand that when it comes to the fish farm industry there is not simply a one size fits all answer. We discuss your requirements to ensure we create solutions for your fish farm problems with our made-to-measure Water Treatment Tarpaulins.

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